Obeying At Once.

THE following story is told in the Berlin 


It reminds us of the promise given in the

fifth commandment: "Honor thy father and thy

mother, that thy days may be long in the land."

A points-man was at the junction of two lines of

railway near Prague; his lever was in hand, for

a train was just coming. The engine was within

a few seconds of reaching the embankment,

 when the man, on turning his head, saw his little

 boy playing on the rail of the line the train had

 to pass over.

To leave his own post would be a neglect of 

duty, and would endanger the lives of perhaps a

 hundred passengers; so like a true hero, he 

stood to his lever, shouting to his child, "Lie

 down at once." The train passed along on its 

way safely, and the poor father rushed forward

 expecting to take up an injured, most likely a 

fearfully mangled and lifeless body; but great 

was his joy on finding that the boyhad at once

 obeyed the order; he had lain down between the

 rails, and the whole train had passed

over him without injury.

If the boy had not at once done as he was told,

he must have been killed. Remember this story

when tempted to think presently will do to obey.

When the King of Prussia heard of the man's

courage, he sent for him and gave him a medal

 for his courage. The King of Heaven has rewards

 beyondall price for "them that love him and keep

his commandments."