DEAR CHILDREN: You have all, perhaps, heard or read about David and Goliath, have you not? You remember, then, that David was a mere child in size as well as in years, and that Goliath was a great man, as regards size only, for we cannot be truly great unless we are good, and we have no authority for saying that he was, seeing that he defied the armies of the living God.

We are told that his height was six cubits and a span, which is a little more than eleven feet, or twice as tall as an ordinary man of our day. Then he had a helmet of brass on his head, and a coat of mail to protect him while fighting.  Now David had much armor given him by King Saul, but he refused to wear it, as he had "not proved it;" but, dear children, he had his heart and soul well supplied with armor direct from God, faith, confidence, trust in Him who is mighty to save by few as by many, by the weak as by the strong.

With and by this faith, he marched bravely onward, hazarding his life for the chosen people of God. By faith he struck the fatal blow, and thus wrought salvation in Israel from bondage; and by faith, at last, won an inheritance in the " bright beyond."

Now let us, for a moment, draw a picture, a comparison: You are all today in the same state that David was when he heard the challenge of Goliath of Gath, in youthfulness and innocence. The giant may be likened to sin, and the city of Gath to the world.

Now, if such be the case, you should, like David, go to Jesus for strength to contend with and conquer this giant, sin, day by day; for I think he is much worse and more to be feared than Goliath. 

You know that Goliath's power was limited; but there is no limit to the power or extent of sin in this world. It is found in our churches, our schools, our homes, everywhere but in Heaven.  This giant is trying very hard to bring you into bondage, to turn you over as slaves to his wicked father, Satan. Will you give up your freedom so easily, children? I think I hear you say, "No, no; we will, like David, go to Jesus, and ask him to make us good little warriors, so that we may fight bravely in the battle of life against our two great foes, Satan and sin, and then at last we will don our beautiful crowns and sing the song of victory, which only those children who love the dear Lord can sing, through all the years of eternity."

Yes, dear children, this is true; and because it is, will you not try harder than ever to be like this youthful shepherd, not only because he fought, but because he conquered ?

Your true friend,