A POOR little boy was seeking a situation in 

order to earn a living. He went into a rich man's 

office, and inquired if he wanted to hire a boy. 

The rich man, who was sitting at his desk, 

leaned back, looked at the child before him, 

and asked, 

"Why, what can a little fellow like you do?"

"I can do what I am bid," was the reply, 

promptly and respectfully given.

The man was so pleased with the boy's answer 

and manner that he hired him at once. The little 

fellow was diligent, honest, and faithful. In 

course of time he became a clerk, then book-

keeper and partner, and is now rich and 

respected by all.

Boys, be willing to work, and to do what you are 

bid cheerfully and promptly. Be faithful and 

diligent, too, and you, also, will succeed in life.