THE invitation has been received, and the people of God are now preparing for a visit, not a visit to any town, city, or place in this world, but to Heaven, the city of God.

The time for preparation is very short, as they will now soon start on their journey. The company will be a very select one, no sinner being permitted to go, but those only who are pure in heart.

Not for one, two, or three days or weeks will they be heavenly guests, but for a thousand years. Revelation 20:4. Then, too, each one that is welcomed to this city will receive a gift, a gift from God, ETERNAL LIFE.

What a visit this will be! Dear reader, are you getting ready to go on this journey? If not, I beg of you to prepare at once. The expenses are light in comparison with the many enjoyments that such a trip will afford, only to give up all sin and keep God's commandments.

This is the last invitation that will be given mankind to visit Heaven. By-and-by, when Christ leaves the mediatorial seat, the invitation will be withdrawn.

Will you go? How can you refuse such an invitation! Royal guests! Just pause for a moment and think, and I am sure you will desire to go, that you will accept the invitation, and that you will make the necessary preparation. 



WHAT know I more that's worth the knowing? 

What have I done that's worth the doing? 

What have I sought that I should shun?

What duty have I left undone? 

Or into what new follies run?