THERE is a milk-tree in Venezuela that yields a liquid very much like cow's milk or cream. The natives go each morning to the forest, make some deep cuts in the trees, and in less than two hours their vessels are full. They use it to drink, and to mix with tapioca and maize. The tree is from forty-five to sixty feet in height, and has long, alternate leaves. The government of Venezuela sent to the Paris Exposition several bottles of this milk, which has been analyzed by prominent scientific men. 

It contains sugar, caseine, and other things found in cow's milk, but is richer, and much more nutritious.


MOTHER was once showing her little daughter an engraving representing mothers pushing their children to Jesus when he held one of their number in his arms, whereupon the little girl said, "Mamma, I would not want to be pushed to Jesus; I'd go without pushing."

It is not so strange that very small children, in their retiring modesty, should need urging to the arms of even the lovely Saviour; but it is a mystery, not easily solved, that Christ's urgent invitations to accept of eternal life at his hands are scorned by so many, and that any who have once appreciated his loving-kindness should go back to the world.

It seems an easy matter to interest individuals in worldly affairs; and if their attention is directed to opportunities for speculation, frequently, without urging, they will venture everything, at all hazards, to obtain earthly riches. It is a fact, too, that none need pushing to their best earthly friends; on the contrary, it is their greatest delight to urge their own way into the presence of those they love. But when the subject of greatest moment is introduced, which involves their eternal destiny, there is a hanging back, as if afraid to venture.  My dear young friends, Satan is exerting his great power to stupefy you, that you may not sense your situation until too late to recover yourselves from his snare. You might better, by far, be deprived of all earthly comfort than remain one day outside the fold of Christ. The Saviour offers you life, eternal life. For your own soul's sake, "go to him without pushing," and cling to him with your might, that he may carry you safely over life's tempestuous sea, into the haven of eternal rest.  "I would not be urged to the arms of His love, Who comes with rich gifts from the Father above; But flee to him ever from danger and fear, Whose voice is most sweetly inviting me near."

M. J. 


CYRUS, when a youth, being at the court of his grandfather, Cambyses, undertook one day to be a cupbearer at table. It Was the duty of this officer to taste the liquor before it was presented to the king. Cyrus, without performing this ceremony, delivered the cup in a very graceful manner to his grandfather. The king observed the omission, which he imputed to forgetfulness. "No," replied Cyrus, " I was afraid to taste, because I apprehended there was poison in the liquor, for not long since, at an entertainment which you gave, I observed that the lords of your court, after drinking of it, became noisy, quarrelsome, and frantic. Even you, sir, seemed to have forgotten that you were a king."


A VERY learned man once said, "The three hardest words in the English language are, ' I was mistaken!'"

Frederick the Great once wrote to the Senate: "I have just lost a great battle, and it was entirely my own fault."

Goldsmith says, "This confession displayed more greatness than all his victories."

Do not be afraid to acknowledge your mistakes, else you will never correct them; 

and you are really showing how much wiser you are than when you went astray.