ONE day little John Wilson came running into the house where his sister Mary was sewing. He held something in his hand, which he had found in the back yard.

"Oh, sister Mary," said he, "I have found a pretty thing. It is a piece of red glass. When I look through it, everything looks red, too. The trees, the houses, the green grass, your face, and everything is red."

Mary replied, "Yes, it is very beautiful; and now let me show you how to learn a useful lesson from it. 

You remember the other day you thought every person was cross to you. 

Now you were like this piece of glass, which makes everything red because it is red. You were cross, so you thought everybody around you was cross, too. If you are in good humor, and kind to everybody, they will seem kind to you." 


'There is no little child too small to work for God,

There is a mission for us all from Christ the Lord.