Praying Over Lessons.

"THERE," said a little boy, "I have

learned my lesson sooner than ever; I believe

it does me good to pray over my


He was asked what he meant by so saying.

"Well, when I came home from school

and looked over my lesson, I thought how

difficult it was. At first I said, It cannot be

learned in so short a time as I have; but

then I remembered what my Sabbath-school

teacher had told me about Daniel and his

three companions; so I thought if prayer

aided them, it might help me. I then

prayed over my lesson, asking God to make

my memory good, and I learned my lesson

in half the time."

This little boy took an excellent method;

and if he continues to look to God for a

blessing on his studies, he will not look in

vain. And why not ask divine aid in one's

studies, as well as in anything else? Learning

is not easy work, and we need God to

help us. Our minds are under his control,

and he can make the memory strong, and

enable us to do more work in one hour than

we could otherwise do in two. 



SEEK the Saviour while you may

Not tomorrow, but today.

He loves the children, and rejoices

When he hears their little voices

Calling on him to forgive

And teach them daily how to live.

Soon he'll come, and will he find us

With the enemy far behind us,

Struggling on through opposition

To secure a high position

In the Heaven far above,

Where bright angels sing of love?

Joyful will the meeting be

When from sin our hearts are free,

When we meet on Canaan's shore,

There to dwell forevermore.


Hath, Mich.