EVERY morning, as it dawns upon our eyes, is like a messenger from Heaven, bearing a crystal goblet for us to drink from. It is ours. We cannot transfer it to our neighbor or companion. We must empty it, whether its contents be bitter or sweet. At night the cup will be broken; but the morning will bring another, filled to the brim. Thus we may liken the events which daily come to us, unsought. We call them our "circumstances" our "lot;" and we have little power to alter or control them. Sometimes they are pleasing, sometimes painful; mostly of a mingled character, and always to some extent unforeseen by us. How can we drink the cup, under such varying conditions, and yet be peaceful, contented, and happy? Only by receiving it as from our Father's hands.

There is a story of Alexander the Great somewhat to this effect: He was attacked by a tedious sickness, and consulted a tried and valued physician, calling for a powerful remedy, that the effect might be speedy. The physician asked for three days to procure the drugs. In the meantime the king was warned that this man had been bribed to poison him. When the medicine was brought, Alexander handed the letter to the physician and drank the liquid at a draught. In three days he was restored to health.

Here was unwavering faith in a servant; can we not trust our best Friend with like confidence? It is easy only too easy to be discontented; but that day will always be happy in which we are enabled to receive all as from God.