"Hide Me, 

Till these Calamities be



THIS is an appropriate prayer for the present

time, dear children. The calamities of the

last days have already commenced. The war

that is in our land, is only the beginning of

sorrows. The Bible says, "Evil shall go forth from

nation to nation, and a great whirlwind shall be

raised up from the coasts of the earth." Many

 nations, even now, are being affected, and no

 doubt soon others that are next in religious 

importance, will be visited by the chastening 

hand of the great God, who is of purer eyes than

 to behold iniquity un-rebuked. Thence the fires 

of his indignation will spread according as they 

have rejected light until the whole earth 

becomes like a vast prairie on


Will we not need a shelter then, dear children

I can imagine the universal and hearty response

Yes. Well, there is one provided. Zephaniah says

"Seek righteousness, seek meekness; it may be

 ye shall be hid in the day of the Lord's anger."

 Here something is to be sought an individual 

work to be done. Righteousness is right-doing; 

and what is right-doing? Keeping God's 

commandments Here is the grand principle of

 right. The rest of the Bible is only an illustration

 of these principles How could people know 

when they did right, there was not a rule? Some

 may say their  consciences would tell them.

 Conscience, in order to be a true guide, must be

 educated by the word of God. It bears the same

 relation in guiding us in the right way, that a

 clock properly regulated by the sun God's great

 time piece does to the true time. Now is it not 

plain, children, that in order to have conscience

 a proper guide, it must be regulated by the

 Word? The old Israelites were to gather their

 children and the stranger within their gates, and

 hide themselves within their houses having the

 door-posts stained with blood, if they wished a

 secure shelter when the destroying angel went

 through the land. It is written that these things

 were "for our ensamples."

There is a time coming when this scene will be

enacted, when the command will go forth, "Slay

utterly both old and young, but come not near

 any upon whom is the mark." This is to show

 that no situation or station, however exalted in

 a religious sense, if without the mark, is to be

 exempt from the general slaughter. God says,

 "Mine eye shall not  spare, neither will I have

 pity." He is no respecter of persons, and here a

 thought suggests itself with weight. We have

 some children among us that seem to be putting

 forth no efforts worth availing efforts for eternal

 life, who have fully come to the age of 

accountability. I think Satan, by the ministry of

 evil angels, whispers to them, You will

be saved by the goodness of your parents. God

will surely not let you be lost on their account, 

as it would detract so much from their 

happiness. I know there are great promises 

made to the children of the righteous, even 

eternal life, but not to those who are capable of 

having an experience for

themselves in working out their own salvation,

 unless they do all they can to secure eternal 

life; as if it all depended on their own efforts; the

 same as the farmer prepares the ground, sows

 the seed, and then in faith waits the fulfillment

 of God's promise, "Seed-time and harvest shall

 not cease."

Dear children, it is high time you all were

 seeking a safe shelter beneath the covering of

 Divine protection. The opportunity to enlist

 under the flag of Truth, will not last for ever.

 God's great army of 144,000 will soon be made

 up. The time hasteth greatly when those that

 now have a  chance to be disciplined as young

 recruits,  drilled in all the various exercises 

pertaining to  the sword of the Spirit, shield of 

faith, breast- plate of righteousness, and the 

helmet of  salvation, will have passed away.

So more opportunities! Let me entreat you in the

name of all that is lovely and of good report, if

there be any virtue, if there be any praise, 

think on these things!

"We want no cowards in our band,

That will their colors fly;

We call for valiant-hearted ones,

Who're not afraid to die."

M. H. L.