NOT a quivering, or flying leaf, but a real, live, walking leaf, with feet and legs and everything that goes to make up a genuine insect. These leaf-insects are found in the Indian jungles, of every color, from the pale yellow of the opening bud, to the rich green of the full-grown leaf, and even the faded hues of the falling leaf. The imitation is not confined to shape and color, but the wings are veined and ribbed like a leaf, and the joints of the legs spread out into plaits, like half-opened leaflets. They lie flat on the ground, or on any smooth surface, their legs serving to drag them slowly along, and this flatness gives still more the appearance of a leaf. Even the eggs of these insects might easily be mistaken for the seeds of certain plants, so far is the resemblance to the plant world carried. Did mother Nature have a tender regard for the life and safety of this little creature when she adopted this cunning plan to preserve it from danger? Perhaps so:?