IN one of our English coalmines there is a constant formation of limestone, caused by the trickling of water through the rocks. 

This water contains a great many particles of lime, which are deposited in the mine; and as the water passes off, these become hard and form limestone.

This stone would always be white, like marble, were it not that men are working in the mine, and that as the black dust rises from the coal it mixes with the soft lime, and in that way a black stone is formed.

Now, in the night, when there is no coal dust rising, the stone is white; then again, the next day, when the miners are at work, a black layer is formed; and so on, alternately black and white, through the week until Sabbath comes; then, if the miners keep holy the Sabbath, a much larger layer of white stone is formed than before! There will be the white stone of the previous night and the whole of the Sabbath, so that every seventh day the white layer will be about three times as thick as the others. But if they work on the Sabbath they see it marked against them in the stone. Hence the miners call it "the Sabbath stone." Perhaps many who break the Sabbath would try to spend it better if there were a "Sabbath stone" where they could see their unkept Sabbaths registered with black marks. But God needs no such records on earth to know how all our Sabbaths are kept. His record is kept above. 

All our Sabbath deeds are written there, and we shall see them at the last. Be very careful to keep your Sabbaths pure and white. 

Children's Friend.