Prayer For Aaron

AARON BROWN was a boy who cared only

for himself. He would lie or cheat to accomplish

his own ends. After leaving school, he obtained 

a situation as clerk in a warehouse.

His mother was a woman of prayer.

“Aaron," said she, "will you promise me to

Pray to God to give you strength to overborne

your bad habits? My son, tell the

truth always, and never do a dishonest act."

He entered upon his duties, and for some

time gave satisfaction. But one day the

lead clerk found a deficiency in the money

account. He called the master, and together

they went over the column of figures. The

figures had been changed. Aaron was

jailed, but he said that he knew nothing

about it. Things looked bad, and he was


His mother heard of it. She knew his

failings, and she saw that he had been

tempted. She sought her own chamber 

and fell upon her knees, and asked God to show

 her boy his sin, and to make him sorry for it, 

and forgive him.

As Aaron was passing his mother's room,

he heard her voice. He listened, and heard

his name as his mother was praying for him.

it was too much for him. The stubborn

heart was broken. He confessed all. He

told how he had taken money and then

changed the figures.

He was led to see his sin. With bitter

tears and heartfelt sorrow he repented of the

wickedness he had committed. He earnestly

sought God's pardoning mercy. God heard

is prayer. He afterward became a true

Christian, and proved a real comfort to his

mother and a blessing to those around him.

Let us learn from this little story to believe

more than ever in the power of earnest


Child's World.

GOD gives birds their food, but they must

look for it.