The Robins.

ROBIN REDBREAST! What a beauty he is!

and what a sweet song he sings! In a large

apple tree by the side of the path that leads

from the house to the barn, there is a robin's

nest with five young ones in it. Little downy

creatures they are, cozily huddled together.

While passing them lately, I observed three

little girls under the tree. Seeing one of

them reach toward the nest, I thought perhaps

they might be tempted to carry away captive

one or more, so I said, "Don't disturb them,


"We're just going to feed them," said the

the eldest.

"Are you?" said I; "but their mother can

do that much the best; and you see she is

greatly troubled by your presence."So they

came away. I hope no reader of our little

paper will venture to rob a nest of birds this

spring, but will find more pleasure by looking

at them and listening to their merry songs.

The Saviour has said, "Blessed are the merciful."

God has a care even for the birds, so

says Jesus.