A Mother’s Influence

"WHEN I was a little child, (said a religious man),

my mother used to bid me kneel beside her, and

place her hand upon my head while she prayed.

Ere I was old enough to know her worth, 

she died, and I was left much to my own 

guidance. Like others, I was inclined to evil

 passions, but often felt myself checked, and as

 it were drawn back by the soft hand upon my 

head. When I was a young man I traveled in 

foreign lands, and was much exposed to many

 temptations, but when I would have yielded, 

that same hand was upon my head, and I was 

saved. I seemed to feel its pressure, as in the

 days of my happy infancy, and sometimes there

 came with it a voice to my heart, a voice that 

must be obeyed: 

'Oh, do not this wickedness, my son, nor

sin against thy God.'"

This little circumstance shows how the heart of

the Christian mother yearns for the safety and 

salvation of her children. And I want to add a few

more words respecting the influence of such a

 parent something which I hope will tend to lead 

you all (if you do not already) to venerate that 

maternal hand which so faithfully ministers to

 your wants. Children sometimes have very short

 memories; at least they soon forget the very 

things which are of the highest importance, and

 ought always to be remembered. Nothing is of

 such value in the home circle as the moulding 

influence of the pious mother. Certainly those 

children and youth who are blessed with such

 heavenly instruction, ought to place the highest

 estimate thereon. 

Young friends, remember the prayers of your


Call to mind her tears, her entreaties and her

 untiring efforts for your salvation. In the 

language of the apostle, "Think on these things."

 Think how highly you are favored of God in being

 blessed with such society. And while the 

memory of the past may cause a sting of 

conscience, for your unfaithfulness

and ingratitude to her, go ask your

mother to forgive the unkind deeds of her 

wayward child, and ask God to pardon your

 neglect of so great a blessing as the example of

 a kind and Christian mother.

Dear youth, if these were my last words to you I

would say, honor, love, respect and obey your

mother. Delight in her society, and revere all her

admonitory instructions. Young men, love your

mother be jealous for her name, and disdainfully

frown upon those impious lips that would dare to

undervalue her great worth. Who was it that

tenderly guarded your infantile slumbers? Your

mother. Who toiled and contrived for your 

numerous wants? Your mother. Whose soft hand

 gently smoothed your feverish brow? Your 


Whose tremulous voice is now so often heard in

anxious prayer for your salvation? Your mother's.

Ah, then, call to mind the loving-kindness of your

God in the gift of this precious parent, love your

mother and your mother's God, and all will be well.

O. W. A.

Waukon, Iowa.