My Bible! 'Tis a book divine,

Where heavenly truth and mercy shine,

And wisdom speaks in every line,

And speaks to me.

My Bible! In this book alone

I find God's holy will made known!

And here his love to man is shown,

His love to me.

My Bible! Here with joy I trace

The records of redeeming grace;

Glad tidings to a sinful race;

Good news to me.

My Bible! source of comfort pure,

To those who trials here endure,

The hope of heaven it renders sure,

Best hope for me!

I love my Bible; may I ne'er

Consult it but with faith and prayer,

That I may see my Saviour there,

Who died for me!



NOT all they say or do can make,

My head, or tooth, or finger ache;

Nor mar my shape, nor scar my face,

Nor put one feature out of place.

Nor will ten thousand, thousand lies

Make one less virtuous, learned or wise.

The most effectual way to balk

Their malice is to let them talk.

"In the midst of temptation, and sorrow and


And evils unnumbered of this bitter life,

I look to a blessed earth, free from all care;

The kingdom of Jesus and long to be there.

I long to be there! And the thought that it is


Makes me almost impatient for Christ to appear;

 And fit up that dwelling of glories so rare

The earth robed in beauty I long to be there."