Keep Right TO THE HABIT.

A WRITER in the National Baptist tells, in order to illustrate the necessity of keeping a good habit inviolate, the following anecdote: Prof. Stuart, during the latter part of his life, was able to study only two hours and a half a day. He set apart the time from nine to half-past eleven each morning; and this habit, once formed, he steadily and consecutively maintained.

A personal friend, who was about to be married, asked Dr. Stuart to perform the service. He consented. Presently it appeared that the wedding was fixed at eleven o'clock. Dr. Stuart said, "I cannot marry you," giving the reason. "But can you not forego the rule for once?" "No, not for once." So another minister officiated.

Dr. Stuart realized that, though one hour or another might be in itself indifferent, yet to break in upon a habit was not a matter of indifference, was not a trifle.



LITTLE Johnnie came home from school and told us how his teacher dealt with little boys that swore or told lies. He said that the teacher took a small swab, with water, soap, and ashes, and thoroughly swabbed out the bad boy's mouth. Quite severe, I thought, and yet it will take more than soap and ashes in the mouth, to remove the wrong.

To swear, and to lie, is to break the third and ninth commandments. 

These great sins go deeper down than the mouth, even to the heart. They go higher up, too, for they are put down in a book by an angel in Heaven. 

Are you anxious to know how they can be taken away? Then I will tell you. If they are sincerely confessed and forsaken, Jesus will cleanse the heart; and as he is in Heaven, he will have them all blotted out of the book up there.

Now, children, strive to keep a clean person, a clean mouth, a clean heart, and a clean record up in Heaven. 

H. A. St. JOHN