Be Punctual.

DEAR READER: Did you ever consider

what there is to be gained by being punctual?

 It is written, "Whatsoever thy hand

findeth to do, do it with thy might." "Redeeming

the time because the days are evil."

Procrastination is a thief which steals our

time away. But the one who hoards up golden

moments grows rich and powerful. It is

the punctual boy who is prompt at school,

and ready with his lessons, in season with his

work, and on hand to execute everything

given him to do. Punctuality makes the 

enterprising man who is faithful in his business

relations. A punctual boy is respected in the

community and relied upon for his integrity. It

is the punctual boy who never fails to fulfill

his engagements at the appointed time, and

who always has time enough to be cheerful

and mindful of the wants of others.

Try it, reader. Let punctuality characterize

all your acts. Improve the present moment.

If you have anything to do, do it just

at the right time, then your lives will be 

systematic, you will have time enough for "all”

things without hurrying; you will be better

natured, and will escape a multitude of those

vexations, which dilatory people encounter.

If you give your heart to Jesus, he will help

you prepare for the world above. Thus you

will be happy here, and in the world to come

have everlasting life.


Bluffton, Ohio.

Sweet Intimacy with Jesus.

IT is recorded of Bengel that he was much

given to intercessory prayer, and that he had

power with God, and prevailed. One who

was anxious to find out his secret, watched him,

in observed, in his hours of retirement. "Now,"

said he, "I shall hear Bengel pray." The

aged saint sat long before his open Bible, and

while perusing its sacred pages, and while

 comparing scripture with scripture, the hour of

midnight sounded. Nature seemed at length

exhausted. He folded his arms over the open

word, and looking up, gave utterance to these

words: "Lord Jesus, thou knowest me; we

are on the same old terms." A few moments

more and Bengel's weary frame was resting in

a sweet slumber. 


THE rainbow cannot appear without a cloud;

but while the drops yet fall, the light shines

in the darkness, and shows us every variety of

color. Hereafter all darkness will disappear

in light, and yet there will be a rainbow round

about the throne fit emblem of the gospel,

which shone in our vale of tears.