The Golden Pennies 

A little boy, who had plenty of pennies, dropped 

one into the missionary-box, laughing as he did 

so. He had no thought in his heart about Jesus, 

the heathen, or the missionary. His was a tin 

penny. It was as light as a scrap of tin.

Another boy put a penny in, and as he did

so, looked around with a self-applauding

gaze, as if he had done some great thing.

His was a brass penny. It was not the gift

of a "lowly heart," but of a proud spirit.

A third boy gave a penny, saying to himself,

"I suppose I must, because all others

do." That was an iron penny. It was the

gift of a cold, hard heart.

As the fourth boy dropped his penny in

the box he shed a tear, and his heart said,

"Poor heathens! I'm sorry they are so ignorant,

and so miserable." That was a silver

penny. It was the gift of a heart full of


But there was one scholar who gave his

penny with a throbbing heart, saying to himself,

"For thy sake, O loving Jesus, I give

this penny, hoping that the poor heathen,

whom thou lovest, will believe in thee, and

become thy disciples." That was a golden

penny, because it was a gift of love.

 S. S.  Teacher