A YOUNG-Sandwich Islander while visiting this country spent an evening in a company where an infidel lawyer tried to puzzle him with difficult questions. The native manifested no annoyance, but answered as best he could the questions proposed. 

At last he said, "I am a poor heathen boy; it is not strange that my blunders in English should amuse you. But soon there will be a larger meeting than this. We shall all be there. 

They will ask us only one question, namely, 'Do you love Jesus?' Now, sir, I think I can say, 'Yes.'What will you say, sir?" 

When he had finished speaking, all present were silent. At last the lawyer said that the evening was far spent, and it would be well to close it with prayer, and he asked the native to pray. He did so, and as he poured out his soul to God, the lawyer was deeply affected. When the company separated, the question, "What will you say then?" followed him home, and he could find no rest till he had given his heart to God.

Dear reader, the above is indeed an important question. It is one, which all the family will one day be called upon to answer. What will you say then? 

The answer will not be given in words merely, but when "the books are opened" the record of our lives will show our love for the Saviour. And as we, day by day, make up that record, we are deciding what the answer will be. Christ has given us a rule by which we may test our love for him, so that we need make no mistake. 

He says, "If ye love me, keep my commandments." Many from heathen lands will at last be numbered with the friends of Jesus, and enjoy a home with him forever. Will they not rise up in the Judgment to condemn those who in a Christian land have heard from childhood the story of the Saviour's love, but who have slighted his mercy, and neglected to secure his friendship “The "great decisive day" is fast approaching. Where shall we be found then?

M. A. D.