Aggie's New Friend.

"MAMMA, our lesson to-day in class was

that verse, 'Inasmuch as ye did it unto the

least of these, you did it unto me.' Our

teacher talked to us about it, but I don't 

understand it at all yet."

"Do you know who is speaking, Agnes?"

"Yes, mamma, it is Christ; and he means

that when you do any kind or good thing, he

is pleased. But I do not see how my being

kind to lame Jennie Thorne or bringing new

scholars to Sabbath-school will be doing it

unto him, he is so far out of sight.

"Aggie, when I was gone to Boston last

summer, how many times did you kiss baby

Charlie every night and morning?"

"Why three times, mamma. Once each

for you and papa, and once for myself."

"And how many times did you forget to

water the choice plants I left in your care?"

"Not a single lime."

"And yet I could not see you, daughter."

"But I knew just what you would do, and

what you wanted of me. And how nice

they all looked when you came home."

"Just that, darling, Christ meant is when

he says, 'Ye have done it unto me.' He is

out of sight now; but whenever you do what

he bids, or do kind acts because he would

like to have you, or work with the thought

of him, then you are doing it for him, just as

you did for me when I was gone."

"I see now, and I can be doing for him

all the time just as I did for you. Oh! that

is sweet to have some one to work for all

the time.

Child's World.