BACKWARD and forward in her little rocking-chair went Alice Lee, now clasping her beautiful waxen doll to her bosom, and singing low, sweet lullabies; then smoothing its flaxen curls, patting its rosy cheeks, and whispering softly, "I love you, pretty dolly;" and anon casting wistful glances towards her mother, who sat in the bay window, busily writing. After what seemed to be a very long time to the little daughter, Mrs. Lee pushed aside the papers, and, looking up, said pleasantly, "I am through for today, Alice; you may now make all the noise you choose." Scarcely were the words uttered ere the little one had flown to her, and nestling her head on her loving heart, said earnestly, "I'm so glad! I wanted to love you so much, mamma!"

"Did you, darling?" and she clasped her tenderly. "I am very glad my Alice loves me so; but I fancy you were not very lonely while I wrote; you and dolly seemed to be having a happy time together."

"Yes, we had, mamma; but I get tired after awhile of loving her." 

"And why?" 

"Oh! Because she never loves me back." 

"And is that why you love me?"

"That is one why, mamma, but not the first one or the best."

"And what is the first and best? "

"Why, mamma! Don't you guess? And the blue eyes grew very bright and earnest. "It's because you loved me when I was too little to love you back; that's why I love you so."

"We love Him because He first loved us," whispered the mother; and fervently she thanked God for the little child-teacher. Reader, God loves you; do you love back? 


THERE'S not a child so small and weak, 

But has his little cross to take,

His little work of praise and love 

Which he may do for Jesus' sake.


BE cheerful, but not gigglers; be serious, but not dull; be communicative, but not forward; be kind, but not servile. Beware of silly, thoughtless speeches; although you may forget them, others will not. Remember God's eye is in every company. Beware of levity and familiarity with young men; a modest reserve, without affectation, is the only safe path. Court and encourage conversation with those who are truly serious and conversable; do not go into valuable company without endeavoring to improve by the intercourse permitted you. Nothing is more unbecoming, when one part of a company is engaged in profitable conversation, than that another part should betrifling, giggling, and talking comparative nonsense to each other.