The Desire

I think, when I read that sweet story of old,

When Jesus was here among men,'

How he called little children as Iambs to his fold,

I should like to have been with them then.

I wish that his hands had been placed on my head,

That his arms had been thrown around me;

That I might have seen his kind look, when he said,

Let the little ones come unto me.

Yet still to his foot-stool, in prayer I may go,

And ask for a share in his love;

And if I thus earnestly seek him below,

I shall see him, and hear him above.

In that beautiful place he has gone to prepare,

For all who are washed and forgiven.

And many dear children will he gather there;

'For of such is the kingdom of heaven.’

Exhortation to Obedience


Trust in a prince his word shall fail;

In friends and they shall die;

In health, and wealth, and world's regard

Alas! How soon they fly!

Trust thine own heart 'tis faithless all:

Thy life 'tis insecure:

But he who trusteth in the Lord

Forever shall endure.

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