Your Parents 


BOYS, be kind to your parents. 

When your father is tired with working, say to him, "Father, I will put away your tools." When he comes home from business or from church, go to meet him and offer to attend to his horse. You do not know how much your father will appreciate such services, and how proud he will feel of such a son. Do not be ashamed to help your mother, too; and drop a kind word for them both whenever you can.

Girls, watch your tired mothers. Help them whenever you can. Even if you are quite small, you can bring her a basket of chips or a bucket of water, which will help her a great deal; and when you grow older, you can help her in many ways. Go to her often and say, "Mother, I will help you." Sometimes, when she is almost worn out, ask her to sit down while you finish her work. From your mother's heart will flow a river of thankfulness; and when she kneels in her closet, she will remember you to the God of love, who will reward you in time and in eternity.

Be kind to your parents. God will bless you for it, and the world will respect you for it. Besides, it is a duty you owe them for having tenderly watched over and cared for you during your helpless childhood years; and the consciousness of having faithfully performed this duty will bring you a peace and joy in after years that no other acts of your life can.