Two Little Girls

Two LITTLE  girls, Bridget and Walburga, 

went  to  the  neighboring  town, each carrying 

on  her head  a  heavy  basket  of  fruit  to 

sell  for  money  enough  to  buy  the  family 

dinner.  Bridget murmured and fretted all 

the  way,  but Walburga  only  frolicked  and 

laughed.  At last, Bridget got  out  of    

patience, and  said, vexedly,  "How  can  you 

go  on  laughing  so?  Your basket is  as

heavy  as  mine and  you  are  not  one  bit

stronger.  I don't understand it."

"Oh!" said Walburga,  "it is easy 

enough to understand.  I have a certain 

little plant that I  put on the top of  my 

load, and  it makes  it so light I  hardly  feel 


"Indeed!" said Bridget,  "it must be a 

very precious little plant.  I wish I could 

lighten my  load  with  it.  Where does it grow?”

"It grows," replied Walburga,  "wherever 

you plant  it  and  give  it  a  chance  to 

take root,  and  there's  no  knowing  the    

relief it gives.  Its name is Patience.