I have heard of a little girl whose parents 

kept a family missionary-box, into which their 

little six-year-old daughter insisted upon putting

 her two pennies with the rest. Some time after,

 she was saying her evening prayer at her 

father’s knee, when, to his surprise, she 

hesitated a moment, and then added: "Lord,

 bless my two pennies for Jesus' sake. Amen." 

Waiting until she was in bed, he asked his wife:

 "What made Gracie say that?" and the reply 

was: "She has prayed thus every night since 

giving her pennies to the missionary-box." May 

we not believe that the little one's pennies will 

surely be blessed, and learn from a child the 

lesson, we to send a prayer with our alms-


H. L. H.


Don't be ashamed, my lad, if you have a patch 

on your elbow.  It speaks well of your industrious

mother. For our part, we would rather see

a dozen patches on your jacket than hear one

profane or vulgar word escape your lips. No

good boy will shun you because you cannot

dress as well as your companions, and if bad

boys sometimes laugh at your appearance,

say nothing, my lad, but walk on. We know

many a rich man who was once as poor as

you. Be good, my boy, and if you are poor,

you will be respected a great deal more than

if you were the son of a rich man, and were

addicted to bad habits.