THE following curious calculation has 

been made of the number of changes which 

this wonderful instrument will admit: 

Supposing the instrument to contain 

twenty small pieces of glass, etc., and that 

you make ten changes in each minute, 

it will take the inconceivable space of 

462,880,899,576 years and 360 days, to go 

through the immense variety of changes it 

is capable of producing, amounting, accord- 

ing to our frail idea of the nature of things, 

to an eternity. Or, if you take only twelve 

small pieces, and make ten changes in each 

minute, it will then take 33,264 days, or 91 

years and 49 days, to exhaust its variations. 

However exaggerated this statement may 

appear to some, it is actually the case.

BENEFIT your friends, that they may 

love you still more dearly; benefit your 

enemies, that they may become your friends.