Employment Of Time.

MORTALS possess nothing more valuable

and important than time. There is no satisfaction

so real as that which arises from the

proper employment of time. The great and

wise Solomon refers us to the ant, not only

as an example of industry, but of the prudent

use of time; for she, with steady application,

gathers her little store, and she gathers

it in the summer, wisely improving the

season to secure her supply; and thus she is

able, in winter, to rejoice over the fruits of

her well-timed application and pains.

Here is a lesson, young friends, worthy of

our most serious consideration. Job 12: 7,8,

says," But ask now the beasts, and they

shall teach thee; and the fowls of the air,

and they shall tell thee; or speak to the earth,

and it shall teach thee; and the fishes of the

sea shall declare unto thee." We, like the

ant, birds, and beasts, have our time for useful

employment, and it remains for us to

decide whether we will improve the time and

talents, which the Lord has entrusted to our

care. Youth is the time when right principles

may be so impressed upon us as to  

influence every action of our future life. Each

moment has a duty of its own to be per

formed, and the present is the only one that

we can call our own. How careful we should

be to improve these precious moments in 

laying up a store of useful knowledge.

It is with a view to eternal happiness that

I recommend the proper employment of

time. The more diligently we discharge the

duties of our station here, the better will our

future be.


Gosport, Ind.


THUS without our will or choice,

This good monitor within,

With a secret, gentle voice,

Warns us to beware of sin.

But if we should disregard,

While this friendly voice would call,

Conscience soon will prove so hard

That it will not speak at all.