Talking To Jesus.

SOME years ago, says a writer, while 

spending a summer in Maryland, I used  often 

to visit the prisoners  in  the  county  jail. 

One afternoon, the jailor's wife said  to  me, 

"A slave was  brought here yesterday by her 

master, as a punishment for running  away. 

He ordered her into close confinement, and 

to see  no  one;  but  I  will  let  you  in  for  a 

little while if you'll go."  I entered her cell, 

and sitting down  by her  side, began a 


I learned that she had been a field hand, 

and was very ignorant.  Her mind seemed 

almost a blank.  After a while I asked, 

"Did you ever go to meeting?"

"Never but once," she replied.  "I walked 

five  miles  to  go."

"Do you ever hear the Bible read where you live?"


"Do you ever pray?"


"Do you know what prayer means?"

"No; never heard tell of it before."

I began to explain  it  to  her  by  saying 

that prayer was just talking to God;  speaking 

to the Lord Jesus.  Her dark face lighted 

in  a moment;  the stupid look left it, and she 

exclaimed  eagerly,

"Talking to Jesus!  I knows what dat 

means.  A Vhen  I'se here  all  alone I just tells 

the Lord Jesus  all  my troubles, and  de  dark- 

ness goes away.  I don't feel lonely no more.'

"And do you love to  talk to  him?"

"Deed I do; it's  all  de  comfort  I has 

'Pears like he's standin' close  by, and  hears 

ebery word  I say."

Reader, do you talk to Jesus?  Many a 

man  can  tell  you  all  about  the  forms  of 

prayer,  but  knows  nothing  of  communion 

with God.  Let us learn how to talk to Jesus 

and  Jesus  will  surely  talk  to  us. 

Family Circle.