A LITTLE child in India, who had listened to the preaching of the missionaries, became converted. 

Her parents had never told her about God and the Bible, or how Jesus came down from Heaven to earth and died a cruel death, that all, even little children, might believe on him and be saved. She had been taught to bow down to idols of wood and stone, as we do to God; but now she had heard the sweet story of Jesus' love, and given her heart to him, and found peace and comfort in believing. Her friends tried hard to turn her back to her former worship, and after offering her presents, which she refused, some one asked, "How do you know there is such a God as the missionaries speak of? You have not seen him. "The little one looked thoughtful a moment, and then replied, 

"How did you know a camel and not a man passed your tent last night?"

 "Because I saw his tracks, which were those of a camel and not of a man," was the ready answer.

"In the same way," replied the little one, “I know there is a God;" and, pointing with her finger, she said, "Look at yonder sun, and see how it shines. That is the track of God, and not of a man. He lives up there, and looks down on us here." 

Noble answer! Children, ever remember the reply of the little Hindoo girl, and when tempted to do wrong, think that there is a God in Heaven who looks down on you and sees all your actions. 

J. O. C.