A Child’s Faith

An intelligent and sparkling eyed boy of ten

Summers, sat upon the steps of his father's

 dwelling, deeply absorbed with a highly 

embellished and pernicious book, calculated to

 poison and deprave the young mind. His father 

approaching, at a glance discovered the 

character of the book:

"George, what have you there?"

The little fellow looking up with a confused

air, promptly gave the author of his dangerous

companion. The father gently pointed out to him

the danger of reading such books, and having

confidence in the effect of early culture upon the

mind of his child, left him with the book closed

by his side. In a few moments the father 

discovered a light, and on inquiring the cause, it

was ascertained that the little fellow had 

consigned the book to the flames.

"My son, what have you done?" " Burnt that

book, papa." "How came you to do that George?"

 " Because, papa, I believed you knew better 

than I what was for my good."

"But would it not have been better to save

the leaves for other purposes, rather than to

 destroy them?" "Papa," replied the 

conscientious little fellow, 

"might not others have read and

been injured by them?"

Happy child! Beautiful conclusion! O that

more were possessed of the same discerning and

obedient spirit. 

Watch. & Reflector.