GATHER my saints together unto me; those that, have made a covenant with me by sacrifice." 

Psalms. 50:5.

It is evident from the preceding verses of this psalm that the Lord is speaking of a time in close connection with that in which he comes, and in which he judges his people. Gather means to bring together, things, which have been separated from each other. Who are to be gathered? "Thy saints." A saint is a holy, godly person. God's people are to be brought together unto him.

We all know that for many centuries his saints have been very much scattered. 

They have been dwelling in all parts of the earth, as light-bearers to its inhabitants, many times suffering perils, persecutions, and even death, from the hand of God's enemies; but this state of things is not always to exist; for He shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from all parts of the earth, then to be forever with their Lord.

In this life, what more happy moments than those when the different members of the family, after having been long separated, are brought together to exchange words of love and sympathy. We forget our perplexities and discouragements for the time being in the happiness of such seasons; feel that we are fully paid for all the trials we may have passed through from being thus separated. But what exceeding joy will take possession of the Christian's mind when the saints of all ages are gathered together, to go no more out forever. How it will thrill all hearts when they realize that they are never more to be separated, never more to be exposed to the chilling winds of temptation, opposition, scorn, and the like, but that "His own soft hand will wipe the tears from every weeping eye." Can we fail in making the needed preparation for such a gathering?

Who are these favored ones? Those that have made a covenant with the Lord by sacrifice. A covenant is an agreement between minds. God promises to bestow salvation upon man if he will accept of Christ and yield obedience to all of his requirements. When man does this, he has entered into covenant, or agreement.  

Sacrifice means to lose one thing for the purpose of gaining something else. We make a covenant by sacrifice when we give up all for Christ, keep all of God's commandments, live up to all the light he gives us however crossing or humbling it might be to the natural heart.

Soon the gathering time will come. How many of us will be accepted? Certainly we all wish to be. Then let us begin this work of sacrifice give up our pride, love of the world, the applause of men, our perverted appetites, and everything contrary to the mind of the Spirit. Let us use our means, time, and talents, in the service of the Lord. And as we have but one short, preparing hour in which to labor, let us work fast, giving all diligence to make our calling and election sure.