Nothing Lost By Giving.

I CALLED the other day on my friend,

Mrs. T., who has the finest collection of

roses I ever saw. She took me out to see

them, white roses, red roses, yellow roses,

climbing roses, and roses in pots, the gay

giant of battles, and the modest moss rose,

every species I had ever heard of, and a

great many I had never heard of, were there

in rich profusion. Mrs. T. began plucking,

right and left. Some bushes with but a single

flower, she despoiled. I remonstrated:

"You are robbing yourself, Mrs. T." Said

she, "Mr. Laicus, do you not know that the

way to make the rose-bush bear is to pluck

its flowers freely? I lose nothing by what

I give away."

This is a universal law. We never lose

anything by what we give away.

 Christian Union.

A True Story.

Little Ella S has furnished us an example

of love for Jesus worthy of our remembrance

and imitation. Suffering the

entire night from a grievous tooth-ache, she

finally concluded to visit that dreaded

place, the dentist's. Although repeatedly

assured by mamma that it could be extracted

without pain, it was very difficult

for her to make up her mind to go; but

her sufferings increased as the day wore

on, and she took the money and timidly set

out. There, on the dentist's window-sill,

was the sign,



Although her tooth ached so terribly,

her mind was busy with other thoughts as

she hurried along; and as she entered the

dentist's door she decided not to use the

gas. " But I cannot promise to draw your

tooth without pain unless the gas is


urged the dentist.

"How much will it be if I take the gas?"

"One dollar."

"And how much if I do not?"

"Fifty cents."

"Well then, I won't take the gas."

Returning home, pain-tears still in her

eyes, she showed her mother the half dollar,

and inquired if all the money she had received

was her own. Smiling through her

tears as her mother answered in the affirmative,

she related what she had done, adding,

"Now I am so rich!"

"But why did my little daughter suffer

such pain when the tooth could have been

removed without?"

"O mamma, I thought on the way, 'If

I can have it out without the gas, I will, if

you will not object, have all this money to

give to our Sabbath-school missionary

cause, and it may do so much good."! But

I am sure, mamma, Jesus must have been

there to help me bear the pain, for I found

I could do it, and was not at all afraid."

"Yes, my darling," said mamma, as she

folded Ella in her arms and fondly kissed

her, "you may give your money to the

good cause. Our blessed Saviour always

assists those that serve, and labor, and suffer,

for him; and with his blessing you can 

accomplish many difficult but useful things.

  What will you do, and

what are you doing for Jesus? 

Child's World.