WATCH against it.  It is  an  abomination 

to  the  Lord.  Proverbs  16:8.  It is an insidious 

foe.  You need to guard every avenue of 

the heart and  soul  against  its  entrance;  for 

with  stealthy  tread,  and  almost  

imperceptibly,  it  creeps  into  the  human 

 heart.  An  incautious friend  may  utter  a word

  of     injudicious  praise,  and in  a moment a 

feeling  of  self-complacency  fills  your  heart. 

 This is pride.  Nature, with lavish hand, may

 have  bestowed  in  rich  profusion  her  gifts 

 upon you.  You may possess symmetry  of form, 

beauty  of  feature  and  complexion.  You 

may have large mental  abilities,  and be  able 

to gain distinction in art and literature.  For 

all  this,  you  may  be grateful  to  God;  yet 

you should  humble  your  soul,  and  realize 

your  responsibility;  for,  "to whom  much  is 

given, of  him  shall  much  be  required." 

Every talent should  be employed in the   

service  of  God,  and improved  upon to his 


Be  assured,  that  if  a  feeling  of self-

importance or  self-dignity  attach  to  you  on    

account of these  gifts,  you  are  not,  you 

 cannot be, in favor with Heaven.

These are not  the only inroads in  which 

pride may seek  an  entrance into the  human 

heart.  You may possess none of these gifts, 

yet if you seek to  make  up  the  lack by    

artificial  aid  or  outward show, in  order to gain 

the  applause  and  approbation of your fellow- 

mortals,  you  are  just  as  assuredly  fostering 

pride  in  the  heart,  and  bringing the same 

condemnation  and  frown  of  Heaven  upon 


It is said in Holy Writ that "the  heart 

is deceitful above all things." In no one 

thing, perhaps, are we in  greater danger of 

being deceived and  entrapped and  ensnared 

by  the  enemy  of all righteousness,  than 

through the channel of pride.  It is a source 

of  evil  which  we  must  guard  against  and 

root entirely out of our hearts, if we  would 

enjoy the favor of God. It is a sin, which is 

detestable in the sight of Heaven,  and  will

ultimately bring the wrath of God in  certain 

destruction  upon  all  who  do  not  fully

  eradicate it from  their  hearts. 

 Mal.  4:1  reads: 

"Behold the day cometh  that  shall  burn  as 

an  oven;  and  all  the  proud,  .  .  .shall  be 

stubble;  and the  day that cometh shall burn 

them up, saith the Lord of hosts, that it shall 

leave  them neither root nor branch."

How important  that  we  divest  ourselves 

of  pride,  and  seek  that  heavenly grace, 

humility.  This is a most excellent grace.  Those 

who possess it  in  the  most  eminent  degree, 

are most in favor  with  God.  It is the  humble, 

confiding soul that God loves.  It is the 

poor  in  spirit, those  who  rely  wholly  upon 

the  merits  of Jesus to  cleanse  them from  all 

sin,  that will find  acceptance with  God,  and 

be  made  partakers  of  his  holiness.  "Be 

clothed  with humility;  for God resisteth the 

proud,  and  giveth  grace  to  the  humble. 

Humble  yourselves,  therefore,  under  the 

mighty hand of  God,  that he may exalt  you 

in  due time."  

1 Peter  5:5,  6.


Castalia, Ohio.