To The Young.

O PRECIOUS youth, who from the ways of sin,

Have turned, the gift, eternal life to win;

Fear not: the promise which to you is given;

Will stand unmoved, when earthly hopes are


Yes, God is true. His will revealed to man,

Shows forth the beauty of the glorious plan

Of rich salvation, which by faith we see;

And through the Saviour, all may have it free.

Then study well the sacred word of truth;

Count it the best, the dearest, friend of youth.

And let not foolish reading, find a place

Among the flock who run the heavenly race;

Think that the awful day is near at hand!

When we without a great High Priest must stand.

No evil thought within the mind must be,

The mouth from guile must then be pure and free;

They must be faultless, who would see his

 throne, The song of Moses, they must sing 

alone.  The song of triumph, on mount Zion, they

Shall loudly sound in that approaching day,

Who have no mark on forehead, or in hand,

Of beast or image reigning in the land.

Here must the saints their patience long display,

And here are those who God's commands obey.

The thought is solemn; but the word is sure;

The saints must trials here and grief endure,

If they would be prepared in joy to reign

With Christ their leader, when he comes again.

Be ye not weary here in doing well.

And fear not e'er the Saviour's love to tell,

Be not dismayed, though worldlings may deride,

Ye must be tested, purified and tried;

The Lord chastiseth, as a parent, mild,

Reproves the wanderings of an erring child.

Cease not to pray, nor think yourselves secure;

For Satan e'er is watching to allure

All honest souls who're walking in the truth,

And striving to obey their God in youth.

Cease not to pray that God would be your friend;

And he will guide you safely to the end,

Hold fast the faith which once ye have professed,

That ye in doing -well may e'er be blest-

May hope, and love, within your souls abound:

And greater still, may charity be found

To reign triumphantly, in every soul,

And o'er each evil passion gain control.

Love not the world nor aught that is therein;

For those who do, cannot be free from sin.

This world shall fade with all its empty pride,

But he that does God's will shall e'er abide.

Whate'er we ask of him we shall receive,

If in his only Son we but believe.

O then, have faith, believe the promise given:

We yet may see the Lord revealed from heaven.

For soon that happy, glorious day shall come,

That brings the saints to their eternal home.

H. 0.

Ceresco, Wis., Mar, 1855.


Bad books are like ardent

spirits, they furnish neither aliment nor medicine

they are poison. Both intoxicate one the

mind, the other the body; the thirst for each

increases by being fed, and is never satisfied;

both ruin one the intellect, the other the

health and together, the soul. The makers

and venders of each are equally guilty, and

equally corrupters of the community; and the

safeguard against each is the same total

abstinence from all that intoxicates mind or