An Incident Of A Christian

WHEN I was a child, I thought, and I believed I

found, the dear Saviour. I was very

happy, and wanted all my playmates to become

Christians. But, alas! I did not always

do right; and I fear-that I sometimes

stood in their way.

One day, I asked my cousin if she would

seek Jesus. She wanted to be good, but

thought Christians were not all as good

as they should be, and that there was not

much difference between a Christian and

one who was not. Said she, "Don't be angry

with me, but I want to tell you that I

have sometimes heard you speak unkindly

to your sister."

She had, then, been watching me very

closely; and my unguarded words had led

her to distrust me as a Christian. I could

not lead her to Christ. She grew up a

proud woman. Since then, when I have heard

children who profess religion use unkind words

to playmates, brothers, sisters,

or parents, I have thought of that incident

in my boyhood days, and wondered if the

results would be equally sad.

Remember, children, that if you are trying

to be Christians, you will be watched

very closely, to see if you err by word, act,

or look. And, if you do wrong, they may

not tell you of it, as my cousin did me, but,

perhaps, will say to others, "I don't believe

he is as good as he pretends to be,

after all, or he would not be so ill-natured

to his parents and playmates. If he is a

Christian, I don't want to be one." Children,

be careful of your words.