A PARTY of schoolgirls was whispering together in one corner of the schoolroom, and as another of their number came in they exclaimed, "O Jennie, do come here! 

We have a secret to tell you; but you must promise not to tell anybody for the world."

"Well," said Jennie, " then I cannot hear it, for I never listen to anything that I cannot tell my mother." 

What a noble girl! And how much happier she must be than those who hide things which they would blush to have known.

Girls, how many of you do as Jennie did? I heard of a good man once, who said, "I never did anything that I was ashamed to tell my mother." It is a great thing to be able to say that, and I am afraid there are few boys now-a-days who can say it. Can you, my young reader? If you cannot, will you not make up your mind SO to live after this that you can say it, if you are so happy as to have a mother still living?

Tell your mother everything, children; never do or say anything that you would be ashamed to have her know.