Disobedience To Parents.

How common is this sin, and how little do 

children think of it. God, in his holy commands,

has said: "Honor thy father and thy mother

that thy days may be long upon the land which

the Lord thy God giveth thee." To disobey a

parent is also to disobey God. This sin in

these last days has become very common, and

that love and respect which should be paid to

the parent is seldom found. This sin is practiced

in various ways, and it would be impossible

to enumerate them; for children generally

know when guilty of disobedience.

The best men and noblest women have always

been dutiful children. This trait of

character was marked in the life of Sir H.

Havelock It is told of his that on one occasion

his father requested him to wait at a certain

place for his return; this was in the morning.

His father forgot all about it, and while

at dinner suddenly recollected the charge he

had given. Being persuaded that his son had

obeyed him, he set off at once for the appointed

place, and there was his boy. It

might have been predicted from this event

that he would become a great and good man.

A disobedient child scarcely ever becomes

rood or eminent. Then, dear children, where in

you have failed in this respect, commence

now to amend, that when the Lord shall come,

you may be numbered with his precious jewels.


Adams Center, N. Y.

GOOD ADVICE. Don't be discouraged if

occasionally you slip down by the way, and

others tread on you a little. In other words,

don't let a failure or two dishearten you; 

accidents will happen, miscalculations will 

sometimes  be made, things will turn out 

differently to our expectations, and we may be

 sufferers, 'tis worth while to remember that

 fortune is like the skies in the month of April,

 sometimes cloudy," and sometimes clear and


TRUTHFULNESS is a corner-stone in character;

and if it be not firmly laid in youth, there

will ever after be a weak spot in

in the foundation.