Knud Iverson

CHILDREN, have you heard of the little boy in

Chicago, ILL., who chose to die rather than to


Some bad boys wanted him to take fruit from a

gentleman's garden. This he refused to do; for

he had early learned to fear God, and keep his

commandments. They told him if he did not

steal the fruit they would drown him; but still he

refused to do wrong. Then the wicked boys held

him under water till he drowned. O, what a

 fearful account will they have to give for taking

 the life of good little Knud Iverson.

The people of Chicago, think of raising a

 monument to the memory of this boy of ten

 years; but the holy angels witnessed his 

integrity, and his name and deed are recorded 

in Heaven.

How many of you, children, would be as firm

in keeping the commandments as was Knud

 Iverson? Who of you would rather die than to do


Little Knud will live again; for he who loseth

his life for Christ's sake shall find it. He shall

live in that happy world, where the wicked can

never enter; and he will then enjoy the rich

 reward of the faithful unto death.