Very Fast Go Away


A LITTLE girl sat upon the large stone doorstep of her father's house, and beside her was a boy of about the same age. He had been eating a fresh, rosy apple, and had thrown the core in the gutter beyond the walk, and watched it as the muddy water carried it from his sight; then turning back to his playmate, who seemed absorbed in the pictures of a new book, he said:

"Give me your apple, Katie; mine is all gone."

"Not now, wait a little," was the reply.

But the greedy little fellow, not willing to wait, took the apple up, turned it round and round, smelled it, and then tossed it up lightly in his hands, each time catching it again. I expected his teeth would go into it, but he was too honest for that. His cry brought the eyes of the little girl upon him. The blood mounted to her brow; she was at once upon her feet with one hand raised, apparently to strike the shrinking form beside her. But the hand did not fall; and as she stood, her face and form showing the struggle within, I prayed that she might not be too strongly tempted. A moment more, and her voice fell on my ear- 

"Go away, Satan! Go away!"

The mother within the door heard the words too, and coming out, asked what they meant. A blush was upon the brow of the child, but it was humility and shame that caused it, while with drooping head she answered: 

"Satan wanted me to strike Freddie; but I didn't."

The mother drew her within her arms and kissed her, saying: "That is right, my child; resist him and he will flee from you."

Would that all might learn in childhood to resist the power of temptation by the help of the Holy Spirit! Truly, the world would be better for it.