Children Can Do Good.

EVEN little children can do good. Not

long since, a small child of my acquaintance

was the means of causing his parents, especially

his mother, to feel as though a blessing

should be asked at the table when they 

surrounded it to partake of their meals. A

Christian friend had been stopping in the family

for a number of days, who said grace at the

table. After he went away, a little boy between

three and four years of age bowed his

head, after they had taken their places at the

table, as he had been taught to do while the

friend was there; but hearing no one say

anything, he looked up, and said, 

"Why don't you pray?"

A short time after, the father went away

to be absent several days. The mother, who

was a professor of religion, then took up the

cross of asking a blessing at the table, and

continued it while he was away. When he

returned, she left it off, until one day this same

little boy told his father that while he was

gone, his ma prayed at the table. The father

then wished her to continue to do so. Very

soon the father began earnestly to serve the

Lord; for which we praise our kind Heavenly


May these parents have strength to take up

every cross, and grace to enable them to endure

unto the end. May this little boy love to

pray to the Lord, and get help to be good and

obedient. Youth is the time to seek the Lord.

May every reader seek Jesus.

Children, be good and do good.

We are sinful, but Jesus is pure and holy.

He can help us to do good, when without his

aid, we could do nothing. Remember what

good a little child may do. You can help

and encourage your parents by doing right,

and God will reward you. Nothing could 

encourage them more. It will be but little

longer and Jesus will come and his reward

will be with him.