The Bible A Light.

DAVID compares the Bible to a lamp or lantern.

And what a lamp or lantern is to a person in a

dark night and a strange place, the Bible is to a

little child, who is journeying to heaven. Dear

children, you will lose your way if you do not

make use of God's word. You may regard God's

word as a lantern; and I hope each dear child

will take it in his hand, as it will show him the

way he ought to walk in.

A great many years ago, a young man had to go

into two or three villages to read the Bible to

the poor, and explain it to them. The villages

were several miles apart; and as he had

 sometimes to walk across ploughed fields, and

 meadows, and by the side of deep ditches, when

 it was very, very dark, he could scarcely find his

 way. So in Winter, he used to take a lantern in

 his hand, and then he could get on pretty well.

 Sometimes it rained very hard; and then the 

wind blew as if it would blow him back as fast as

 he attempted to set forward; but with his 

lantern he managed, by God's help, to get on.

 And though he was very tired when he got home,

 yet he was thankful to God for his care over 

him, and for the light which his lantern gave him;

 especially if he had any one with him, (which 

was sometimes the case.) who was ignorant of

 the path. The lantern lighted his way, and theirs


Dear children! To walk safely through this

world, and to get to heaven at last, and to show

others the way, we must take the Word of God

and follow its directions, just as this young man

took his lantern, and walked in the light it shed

upon his path.