THE crown of England is a costly "bauble," bedazzled with jewels enough to found three or four public charities, or a half dozen ordinary colleges. There are twenty diamonds around the circle, worth $7,500 each, making $150,000; two large center diamonds, f 10,000 each, making $20,- 000; fifty-four smaller diamonds, placed at the angle of the former, each $500; four crosses, each composed of twenty-five diamonds, $60,000; four large diamonds on the top of-the crosses, $20,000 ; twelve diamonds contained in the fleur-de-lis, $50,- 000; pearls, diamonds, etc., upon the arches and crosses, $59,000; also, one hundred and forty small diamonds, $25,000; twenty- six diamonds in the upper cross, $15,500; two circles of pearls about the rim, $15,000. The cost of the stones in the crown, exclusive of the metal, is, therefore, nearly half a million of dollars.