Peace  At  Home.

"WHATEVER brawls disturb the street,

There should be peace at home. 

Where sisters dwell, and brothers meet,

Quarrels should never come."

   You will see that by gluttony, difficulties 

arise  between professors  of religion.  If any 

of the young who read  this, find themselves 

in  little  quarrels  with  their  mates,  at  home 

or  at school, it is  quite possible that they will 

find,  on  inquiry, that  over-eating,  or  eating 

too  often, was the  cause.

Now, dear  children  and  youth, if it  is  a 

fact  that  the  improper  use  of  food  has  so 

great an  influence  upon  the  conduct, then it 

becomes very  necessary  to  bring  the  appetite 

to a  proper limit;  that is, to avoid wrong 

articles  of  food,  and  to  avoid  taking  too 

much  at  a  time,  and  too  often.  Generally 

speaking,  children who  are  continually    

eating,  are fretful and sullen;  while families 

that  train  the  young to habits of temperance 

 and  industry,  are  pleasant and happy and 


   "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they 

shall be  called the  children of  God."  

Matthew 5:9.



Don't Be Lazy.

A LITTLE  boy  was  once walking  along  a 

dusty road, the sun  was very  warm  and    

oppressive,  but,  as  was  his  usual  way,  he 

stepped  along  very  quickly,  thinking  that 

the  faster  he  walked  the  sooner  he  would 

reach the  end  of his  journey.

He  soon  heard  a  carriage  coming,  and, 

when  it had  caught up with  him, the  driver 

reigned in his horse and kindly asked the lad 

to ride, which he  gladly  accepted.

When  he  was seated  in  the  carriage, the

gentleman,  a  good  old  Quaker, said,  "I   

noticed  thee  walking  along  briskly,  and  so 

asked thee  to  ride;  but if  I  had  seen  thee 

walking lazily, I would not have done so,  by 

any  means."

Boys, think of this, and  wherever you are 

whatever  you may be  doing, never be  lazy 

and you will always be repaid for your trouble 

in some  way.  Don't forget the Bible says 

"Whatsoever  thine  hand  findeth  to  do,  do 

it with thy might."