Our Thoughts.

THERE is nothing that affects us more than our thoughts. They are the source from whence all our actions spring. Good and evil have their origin from the thoughts and intents of the heart.

The wise man says, "As he [man] thinketh in his heart, so is he." How true this is. There are but few people who can keep their real feelings and thoughts without   revealing them. The thoughts have a strong influence upon the countenance, to make it appear just what the heart is within; so if a person says but little or nothing, he is known by all who associate with him by his looks.

Anxiety, anger, guilt, joy, and other strong feelings, are seen and known although the person under their influence may not say a word. Evil thoughts corrupt the heart, and degrade the man, woman, or child, who cherishes them.

We should fight against them, for they are the secret foe to our happiness. If suffered to control us, they will unfit us for good society here, and shut us out of Heaven hereafter.

Many a person has had to regret the evil thoughts cherished when young. As they grew older, these thoughts became stronger, and when they would put them away, they have found these foes too strong for them to conquer.

Would you, my young friends, be masters of your own actions? Suffer none but good thoughts to have an abiding place in your hearts. Keep that citadel with all diligence, and suffer not your imagination to dwell on anything that is not good and pure.   

Suppress anger, smother all wrong feelings, and guard against every thought that is low and debasing. Remember, we carry in our countenances just the thoughts we have in our hearts. God sees and hears these thoughts, and he declares there is nothing hid but shall be revealed. What we sow, we shall also reap, and if in youth we cherish evil thoughts, we shall have a harvest of bitter reflections to reap, and to lament over.

The Bible tells us of a better way, so that in this life we may enjoy the fruits of cherishing good thoughts. It abounds in good counsel, and shows to us what thoughts and actions are acceptable to our Creator.

We have his promise to help us on in this way, and by yielding to him our hearts, we will find where the source of-

"Our help lay, 

To watch and pray, 

And drive all evil thoughts away."