The Persevering Boy.

"Sir," said a boy addressing a man, "do

you want a boy to work for you?"

"No," answered the man; "I have no

such want."

The boy looked disappointed; at least,

the man thought so, and he asked, "Have

you been long seeking a place?"

"I have asked at a good many places,"

said the boy. "A woman told me you had

been after a boy; but it is not so, I find."

"Don't be discouraged," said the man,

in a friendly tone.

"Oh, no sir," said the boy cheerfully," because

this is a very big world, and I feel

certain God has something for me to do in

it. I am only trying to find it."

"Just so, just so," said a gentleman who

overheard the talk. " Come with me, my

boy; I am in want of somebody like you."

He was a doctor, and the doctor thought

any boy so anxious to find his work, would

be likely to do it faithfully when he found

it; so he took the boy into his employ, and

found him all that he desired.

Yes; God has something for everybody

to do in this world. It's "a very big

world," and there's room enough for all.