Learning To Swear!

IT was on a pleasant Sunday afternoon in the

Summer about eight years ago, that a

 circumstance occurred which is painful to 

relate. The bells had just rung the hour of 

meeting, the little birds were singing sweetly,

 and as my custom was, I started for the usual

 place of worship. It was in the little village of E,

 Ohio. I was passing along the walk alone, and in

 a thoughtful mood, when my ears were suddenly

 disturbed with words which

I hope will never break on them again.

I was just then passing a fine nice house which

stood a few feet from the walk, in front of which

were some children, two or three men, and as

 many women, and a little child hardly two years

 old. One of them who was the little child's 

father was giving it a morning lesson and what

 do you think it was? He was teaching it HOW TO

 SWEAR! I was so shocked as I heard the little

 child trying to lisp the dreadful oaths of its 

parent, that I stood still mute with astonishment,

 but recollecting myself in a moment I passed on.

 But as I went forward my conscience

soon began to smite me. I thought of the

 scripture, that if we see our neighbor sin a sin

 and refuse to reprove him, we shall have to bear

 the wrong, and so powerfully was I wrought 

upon that before I had gone many steps I turned

 back on the walk.  Said I to the man on 

approaching him, "I can't go to meeting this 

morning without first telling you that you are 

doing very wrong in teaching that little child to

 take God's name in vain." But although it was

 spoken kindly, the man flew in a a passion and

 vented his rage upon me in a shower of words

 which I will not repeat. He was dreadful angry,

 and bid me tend to my own business and pass


Being but a young disciple, and feeling that I

could then do him no good, I passed on to the

 meeting. Since that time I have often seen pious

 parents teaching their little children to pray, 

and as often am I reminded of the circumstance

 of the wicked father teaching his little child TO


 G. W. A.