Take Care


MAIN Street was crowded with carriages this

morning, though the weather was dull, and a man

rather poorly clad had chosen to walk in the 

middle of the street; for it was very slippery on

 the side walk. Two carriages were passing 

along nearly abreast, and he had turned out far

 enough to avoid one, but the other came swiftly

 and the wheel struck the poor man and nearly

 threw him down. Take care, I said instinctively,

 as the  carriage behind reached him, though he

 could not hear me. I looked to see if he was 

injured much, and was glad to see him walking 

on as before,  only limping a little. 

On returning, I thought of the dear children,

that they were in danger, and some of them as

unconscious of it, as was the poor man in the 

street I have been telling you about. And I 

wished I could point out some of the dangers to

 which they are exposed, and give them timely


If your parents request you to do any thing,

and you think, "I wish they had told my brother

or sister to do it," and begin to feel unhappy, 

take care, child, you are in danger of disobeying

 your parents; and that would be breaking one of

 the holy commandments.

Before the Sabbath closes, perhaps you grow

restless and tired of good books, and think, 

"I wish I had my top or kite, or some other 


Take care, dear child, thoughts lead to acts. You

are in danger of breaking the Sabbath of the Lord

which he has commanded you to remember to

keep holy.

Do you become irritated when your brother or

sister or playmate teases you, and do you begin

 to feel unpleasantly toward them. Take care. 

Don't lift that hand to strike. You will injure them

 and displease the Lord if you do, who would that

 children should love one another, as he has 

loved them.

The great day of God is fast approaching.

Take care, dear children, to be ready for that 

time, that you may escape "the fear and the pit

 and the snare" which shall be upon the wicked.


I HAVE read not long since a little incident of

a mother who was once singing to her daughter

a song with the above appellation. She had

scarcely finished the words, ere she fell back, 

and was silent in death. Truly, the brittle thread 

was severed which connected that mother to her

 daughter, which bound her to the earth.

Were you called away as suddenly to meet the

King of terrors, or should your life be spared to

behold the coming of the Son of man, can you

now say the last link is broken, I am prepared.

If such is the case, happy indeed is your 

situation; for an entrance will be administered

 unto you abundantly into the kingdom of heaven.

But how few of the youth at the present time,

are willing to break away from the pleasures of

earth; are willing to deny themselves and take

 up the cross of the lovely Saviour. The sacrifice

 is too great. By and by, when they are older,

 they think they will attend to their soul's 


But, alas, the future which you look forward to,

you may never see; the present only you can


A little space is now allotted to prepare for the

day of the Lord. That day, we read in the Holy

Scriptures, is just before us; and unless our 

peace is made with Heaven, we cannot expect 

to stand the trying scenes we shall be called to


Seek the favor of God now. Give your heart

unreservedly to the Saviour. Then you will find

that the cords which bind to this world are easily

sundered, and you will feel within your heart,

longing for a better country. 

H. O. N.

To be holy, is to put on Christ to resemble

Christ in spirit and conduct, as one man 

resembles another, who follows his example.

Nothing less than the renewal of the image of

God in our soul, will make us holy according to

the gospel.