"THERE goes another one, clear smashed!" Corny flung down the hammer and glared at the birds on the wallpaper opposite.

"What have you broke?" asked Jerusha, the hired girl, coming in.

"Nothing," said Corny, shortly, and picking up the hammer, he began to pound away, making as much noise as he could.

"You have now, I know; and you've hid the pieces. I'll tell your ma, if you don't say what 'tis, this minute, so!"

"I tell you I haven't" cried Corny, with flashing eyes. "And you just go about your own business, Jerusha Higgins. Oh dear! Now I've smashed two!"

"You're the sauciest, meanest boy that ever I saw!" cried Jerusha, with a pair of eyes whose angry light quite matched his own. 

And there they were in a quarrel the first thing. Jerusha stepped quickly about the kitchen, slamming oven doors, and making a racket generally, as the best way to conceal her feelings; while Corny sank down on the wood-box and put his head in his hands.

"And I wont put up with your old traps and shavings as I have done," said Jerusha. I'll sweep 'em all out the next time you come into my kitchen. What is the matter?" she said suddenly. "Got the toothache?" 

"No," said Corny, in a miserable tone, "worse than that."

"Well, if it's worse than the toothache, it must be pretty bad," said Jerusha. And thoroughly frightened, she bent over him, asking where his bad feelings were.

"You can't do any good. I've broken 'em, and that's all there is about it."

"Tell me what 't is you've broken," said Jerusha. "Tell me quick!"

"Resolutions," said Corny. "All my beautiful New Year's resolutions, Jerusha Higgins, if you want to know." 

"New Year's Resolutions!" repeated Jerusha.

"Yes, good things that I was going to do," said Corny; "about keeping my temper, and all that; but I broke two right off, first, I got mad when I broke a nail off, and then at you. And its only one day since New Year's."

"You only cracked it," said Jerusha, consolingly. "Don't feel bad, 'taint really smashed."

"Really, Jerusha?" asked Corny brightening up.

"Yes," said Jerusha, delighted to find that she could turn comforter. 

"You didn't throw anything at me, you know."  

"No, I didn't," said Corny thoughtfully. "That would have been a clear smash."

"A clear smash," repeated Jerusha, taking up her broom. "So, now, you go on again, and see if you can't keep 'em without any cracks."

"Resolution No. 3," said a voice just outside the door: "Never get discouraged. Try again, my boy."

"Uncle Jacob!" cried Corny in despair. "And he's heard every single word!"



Youth's Companion.