Jesus Our Teacher


“Education and Crime"

"IMMURED in a dungeon in New York City,

under sentence of death for the crime of murder,

is one Ruloff, whose attainments in philology,

or the origin and construction of language,

is the subject of great wonder among

the learned men. It appears to be an innate

gift, as he never entered the doors of a seminary

or college, and yet the best informed

men on this subject, appear to be dwarfs when

compared with him. His power of memory

and analytical research are such, it is said,

that students and professors who have visited

him, have been confounded and amazed at his

prodigious capabilities. He has enthusiastically

devoted his life to this study, and yet,

by the testimony at his trial, it is shown that

he left his room with the smell of books yet

on his clothing, and helped to take the life of

a fellow-being for the purpose of theft.

"Ruloff's case has elicited much discussion,

and is a strong argument to disprove the belief

among educational reformers that learning

is calculated to place restraint upon the growth

of crime, or in other words, that a high state

of mental culture induces a proportionately

high moral standard.

"The verdict of history is, and probably

always will be, that education, like the physical

forces of nature, if properly directed, is

calculated to exert a high moral influence; if

perverted, and unsustained by a Christian purpose,

it is equally efficacious as an agent of

crime and wickedness."

The case of Ruloff, which I clip from our

county paper, is a terrible instance of depravity;

and should show to us all how dangerous

it is to depend upon education as a means of

defense from sin.

There have been many instances, within a

few years, of men of learning and high standing

falling into great crimes.

As you read the account of the crime of

Ruloff, think of it. He was once an innocent

child. By degrees he has fallen.

Beware of the first steps in sin. It is a,

down-hill path; and when you are once in

motion, you may be unable to stop in the

descent. The force of habit and circumstances,

and the power of Satan, all conspire

to make it hard to stop in a course of sin.

Beware, dear youth. Satan has greater

power than ever before. Make God your

refuge; watch and pray; study the character

of Jesus, and let him be your pattern.