Do YOU Want Religion?

I WONDER how much our little readers desire a

 change of heart and a reform of life: to

that extent that they prefer the society of

Christians to any other, and admire and love

to imitate the example of such as have given

 their hearts to God, and are trying to put away 

pride, vanity, foolishness, and the love of the

 world? Is this the society you delight in? or do

 you rather choose the company of the gay, the

 light and the trifling, with whom you can have

 "lots of sport," while you see nothing desirable

 in the child that prays, and leads a sober life? 

Ah, beware of this snare of the enemy; for the 

Bible says, "Whosoever will be a friend of the 

world is an enemy to God?"

Fearful thought! To be found an enemy to God 

when Jesus comes to take vengeance on all 

those that know him not, and obey not the 


From a child I have ever admired a Christian,

especially a little Christian. I think the first 

religious impression that was made upon my

 mind, was simply by observing a little girl going

 to the Methodist class-meeting. My oldest sister

 and myself had gone to the village of N to visit

 two sisters, about our age, with whom we had

 been quite intimate when living there. However,

 one of the girls was considerable older than the

 rest, my age at that time being about eight 

years, the youngest of the four. In the afternoon,

 Melissa, youngest of the sisters, my sister, and

 myself, walked out to take a view of the canal

 boats, the coal carts, our old play-grounds, &c.,

 but Lucy did not accompany us; it was Sunday. 

Presently I saw her pass at a little distance, and

 inquired where she was going. Melissa replied,

 "To the class-meeting." My eye

followed her. There was something so good in

 her look, so calm and peaceful in her 

countenance, as she walked soberly along; 

something so blessed in the idea of her going to

 the class-meeting, where they confessed Jesus,

 and received religious instruction, that I longed

 after her. And then how I wished I could be 

good, and go to class-meeting too.

I had no more relish for pleasure that afternoon.

Yet, notwithstanding these early religious 

impressions, it was ten years after this that I 

gave my heart to God, and began to lead a new


Though at intervals all the way along, I was 

serious minded, and for the last year had tried

 hard and constantly to seek the Lord with all my

 heart, without the privilege however that some 

of you enjoy, having a family altar to bow before,

 morning and evening; but on the contrary, I 

never heard my parents pray. And it was mine to

 seek the Lord in the midst of a large family of

 twelve, not one of them serving the Lord, or 

having his fear before their eyes.

And when gathered around the fire-side, or 

enjoying a social chat, after dinner, I sought this

 opportunity to steal away unobserved, to go and

 pray to my heavenly Father. There is scarcely a

 line of fence, an old tree or shrub, or any 

secluded place near my father's house, but what

 is marked as my altar of prayer. I love to think

 of those well-remembered spots, where the Lord

 often met me, and blessed me, all alone.

My father was not a Christian, yet I am thankful

for the restraining influence which both my

 father and my mother had upon their children,

 and for the principles of honesty and morality

 they taught them. I am also glad that when an

 individual passed around selling religious books,

 and I wanted a picture book of anecdotes, that 

father would not buy it for me, but chose Pike's 

Early Piety, which proved one of the best books

for me at that time that could have been 

selected. It was not, because I was good that I

commenced and loved to pray, but because I 

felt that I was a great sinner.

The Spirit of the Lord had sent conviction to my

heart, and it led me to differ from the rest of the

family. And I now feel that it was then preparing

my heart for the present truth, which, I hope, will

sanctify us wholly, and fit us for the coming of

 the Lord. May this be the case with you all, dear

 children. May the truths that you have the 

opportunity of receiving into your hearts, be

 instrumental in preparing you with me for that

 happy place where there are pleasures 


 E. J. W.